2019 Triathlon Group Training

10-Week Camp

Training Plan: 

This 10-week camp is designed to make you a faster, stronger and a more efficient triathlete. Individualized workouts, swim, bike, run analysis, drills, core/strength/stretch workout, bricks, Trifectas & more.

The 10 weeks training program is divided into 3 periodization cycles. 

10 WEEKs program $230 INCLUDES:

  • Informational Meeting

  • 10 weeks Training schedule (daily workout program, beginner to experienced specific training programs) beginning on 02/18/2019

  • Coached, team training sessions (Weekends rides and/or swims, and/or bricks) in the Tampa Bay Area (SunCoast trail, Honeymoon island Park, St. Pete Beach, NW YMCA & Upper Tampa Trail, Sand Key Park Clearwater & more)

  • IRONMAN & USAT Certified coach Rosa Laura Saggese Elbooz to guide you through, team support to keep you motivated

  • Informational clinics and emails (learn about nutrition, stretching, speed work, race day prep, and much more)

  • Water stops & refreshments and more at training sessions

  • Team activities and other perks

  • ForzaFit Visor

  • Local Pool Lanes

  • Race registration and associated costs are not included, but you will get a discount code

  • To register please contact ForzaFit — CLICK HERE

Tentative schedule 

  • Week 1- Saturday February 23, Trifecta (Swim focused session) 8:30 AM at NW YMCA 

    - Swim - Bike - Run

  • Week 2- Saturday March 2, WOB 5K Westchase


    Sunday March 3, Brick (Bike focused session) 7 AM at UTBT 

    - Bike - Run

  • Week 3- Saturday March 9, Perfect Trifecta 8:30 AM at NW YMCA 

    Swim - Bike - Run

    Tuesday March 12, Run Focused session- Track Workout 6PM UTBT 

    - Run 

  • Week 4- Saturday March 16, Double Trifecta 8:30 AM at NW YMCA

    Swim - Bike - Run - Bike - Run

  • Week 5- Saturday March 23, Gran Fondo Florida, S Antonio


    - Bike

    Sunday March 24, OWS/RUN (Open Water Skills and Run Focused session) 8:00 AM In Honeymoon Island 

    - Swim - Run

  • Week 6- Friday March 29, Triple brick 6 PM Suncoast Trail LLF

    Bike - Run - Bike - Run - Bike - Run

    Sunday March 31, OWS/RUN (Open Water Skills and Run Focused session) 8:00 AM In Honeymoon Island 

    - Swim - Run

  • Week 7- Friday April 5, Triple Trifecta 6 PM at NW YMCA

    Swim- Bike - Run - Bike - Run - Bike - Run

    Saturday April 6, Mock Fort De Soto Park

    Practice Race Day for next week 

  • Week 8- Saturday April 13 Escape From Fort DeSoto Sprint


  • Week 9- Friday April 19, Triple Trifecta 6 PM NW YMCA

    Swim - Bike - Run - Bike - Run - Bike - Run

  • Week 10- Saturday April 27 & Sunday 28 St Anthony Triathlon 


The first 3 weeks are about sport specific skills This is a low intensity training phase allowing you to get stronger gradually and to avoid injuries further into the season. It is also meant to help you be consistent in your workout – allowing you to adapt your training program into your lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended workout allocations as this will only cause you to burn out or get injured as our training intensities and distances increases.

The next 3 weeks are about  endurance building. This training phase will emphasize on training longer increasing your mileage. You will be establishing your race pace in this stage. Long bike rides, long runs, open water swims, sport-specific speed training.  Lots of time and lots of effort!  This is also a lot of fun because on these long rides, runs, and swims you learn a lot about yourself and your goals.  It helps you to learn how strong you really can be!  YOU CAN DO IT! 

The final 4 weeks are all about keeping that endurance building going, but adding the sport-specific speed elements. Competitive Stage: This is the most important stage of your Distance training. This is the phase where race preparation begins. Your longest training days will be in this phase. Expect several 2-a-day workouts.  This is the time when you figure out YOUR pace and finalize YOUR race goals.  It will be hard, fun, and may even push your limits!  During this 4 weeks period plan to spend a lot of time focusing on your race - try not to make vacation plans or other big events if possible.  It is only a few weeks and will make a lot of difference in your overall training program if you can devote this time to the one thing you love.

You will receive your training program every week via TrainingPeaks and you will be added to our secret Facebook group. You will be able to vote to decide what dates the team wants to meet for practice. Generally the Team meets on Friday eve or Saturday am. Note that within the 3 cycles you will have periodization as well (ex. build weeks and recovery weeks). The weeks all work together within the cycle, if you need to make major adjustments, let's chat about it.

We will participate in various events before the "A" race. These are only for practice and not for time - we will talk more about that within the training, but in the plan you will not see taper and rest for these events, they are a part of your training! We will send a note about some races we propose to complete as a team.

 Please contact us — CLICK HERE- and we can discuss your personal training and coaching needs!      


All fees paid in advance. No refunds; no exceptions. All training plans, including workout reviews are confidential. All phone calls, emails and correspondence are to be held in mutual confidentiality.